Mt. Balagbag

Before 2016 ended, me and my friends were planning to start 2017 with an outdoor activity. There were a few in mind but we ended up choosing a hike to Mt. Balagbag. It didn’t take us too long to decide when since it materialized as soon as the second Sunday of January. Very quick, right?

According to some famous blogs, Mt. Balagbag is at around 700 MASL and is a minor climb with a the difficulty of 3/9, and I totally agree! It was a bit harder for people like us who do not hike often and lack exercise. But it was a great experience! Of course, we already anticipated that it’s gonna be tiring. What is hike if you did not feel tired at all, correct? The satisfaction comes when you are trying to catch your breath with fresh air after reaching the summit while being stunned by the beauty of the surrounding.

So the trip started at Cubao which our rendezvous point and where we rode Tungko. At first, we thought it’d be a jeepney but to our surprise, it’s an ordinary bus passing by along EDSA. If you are not familiar with Tungko, you may opt to ask the driver to drop you off at Jollibee Tungko, just right after SM mall. From there, you need to walk to the jeepney terminal where you need to ride Licao-Licao and just mention to drop you off at Balagbag. The fare won’t take as much as 200 back and forth.

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The start of our trek started after we got dropped off at Licao-Licao. There were a lot of people going up to Mt. Balagbag and I even saw a workmate who just went down after spending the night in the summit. Cool, right? I’ll definitely try an overnight stay in the mountains some time soon.

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This is our starting point.

We started trekking and reached Sitio Balagbag, which is the second jumpoff point, when we learnt that we could ride the tricycle going here for only P30 each and where we could’ve started trekking. Pft. We could’ve saved a lot of energy for the hiking part! LOL!

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Sitio Balagbag

I think it took us around 2 and a half to 3 hours to reach the summit. That’s because we started at Licao-Licao. Based from other blogs, the summit can be reached in an hour if you start at Sitio Balagbag and I guess they’re right because from Licao-Licao to Sito Balagbag, it already took us 1 hour. We had a lot of stops in the road because we need to catch our breath and lots of photo ops for Instagram and blog purposes. LOL!

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In the photo above, we were on rest mode and we really thought that it was already the summit because look at the view! But it’s not. We got fooled by the, ‘Malapit na kayo!’ And so the hiking continued in the middle of the heat.

Collection of shameless photos of myself. There’s more! 😛

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And we finally reached the summit! It felt so good. What we wanted to do first is to eat, but we were very distracted by the scenic view from the top and ended up with taking tons of photos and helping out each other to pull off our own pegs leveraging the beauty of the greens surrounding us.

The Talahiban Shot

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The Summit of Happiness! W/ Aya, Klara and MonaProcessed with VSCO with s2 preset


  1. As usual, bring lots of water, extra shirt, towels, sunblock etc.
  2. Bring a portable speaker! It’s fun when you can chill in the summit with some music playing while having your break time.
  3. Bring the fun friends! The trip is always gonna be fun if you are with the crazy ones.
  4. Enjoy the heat! Despite the excruciating hot weather, remember the rule of lighting for the sake of good photos. LOL
  5. Bring some chocolates for a delightful treat whenever you have your stops. Sugar for energy!
  6. Pray for a good weather. 🙂

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