Marian Orchard | Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe

Some plans do not turn out as expected just like this one where we went to Marian Orchard instead of climbing Mt. Maynoba due to some news reporting that there are NPAs lurking around Rizal. But at least I have a set of friends who’s always on the “Go! Push! Tara! G!” when moments like this happens. Just always keep in mind that safety is a priority. 🙂

The weather didn’t seem to be cooperating since it was raining torrentially before leaving Manila. It’s kind of a relief that even though it was not sunny that morning, at least the rain stopped when we were already in the expressway. Then we made it to Marian Orchard in an hour and 15 minutes. (WAS I DRIVING THAT FAST?!)

In case you are wondering, there are parking space along the road for free but we opted to just pay P20 to park somewhere safer since we will be leaving the car behind. The entrance fee in Marian Orchard is P50 which isn’t bad at all. It’s actually one of the worthiest entrance fees ever! You can stay as long as you want and you can even attend a scheduled mass on Sundays. If I’m not mistaken it’s around 4 in the afternoon.

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As I see it, Marian Orchard is a perfect place whether it be with your friends or family. It’s refreshing to see something like this especially when you’ve always been in the middle of hustle and bustle Manila. You just sometimes need to take a trip and escape for a while, right?

Aside from the fact that I absolutely love the place because of its plenty of flowers surrounding the area, I also got attracted to some of its structures that will give you some good old vibes, just like this one which looks like a small version of the Parthenon. It’s perfect for #OOTD shots though that’s not my thing. LOL

And we didn’t have any idea that there is an overlooking spot in Marian Orchard. The view is incredibly amazing and the the fresh air is everything you could ask for. Simply perfect.

Atheena, Rae, Me and Aya

And that’s our last stop in Marian Orchard. We headed to Lipa City after since we haven’t taken our lunches! We’re too excited to eat and to see the original and first Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe. They’re known in Tagaytay and quite famous though I haven’t tried that branch even if I’ve been around there numerous times. LOL

We were back in Manila around 3 in the afternoon. With that, we still have time to spend some quality time with our families since we usually schedule our trips on Sundays. And need I mention that I’m too excited for our next weekend escape. Do you guys have any guess where will it be? 🙂

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