Agape Pastries & Tartines

Before I go out of town and celebrate the Labor Day long weekend, I got to indulge with some French and Italian delight at Agape. Thanks to Jen Santana (Sand Under My Feet) for the invite! I actually had both good and bad news with my visit. Bad news because it was scheduled at the same time of 3-Day sale event of SM Megamall and the traffic was terrible that I had to park in Shangri-La. Good news is that I made it on time, or maybe a little over the agreed time. 😛

Agape is a family owned restaurant that started in 2014. Central to the essence of its concept are to share delicious food and meaningful conversation whether it be friends or family. It has continued to grow and flourish the reason why they are now ready to share their concept by putting up more branches this year. So happy that they opened up its second branch in Megamall because I rarely go around north due to traffic.

Agape’s interior is composed of wooden furniture and brick walls which I find very Italian. It kind of reminded me some movies I watched before that were taken in Rome and in other parts of Italy. The rustic interior will make you feel the comforts of your home that will there and then make you want to stay longer. Though there’s only one thing lacking, good Italian Baroque music! Kidding. That would sound like you are about to enter a palace. LOL

Let’s proceed to the exciting part. We were able to try some of Agape’s specialties which were prepared by their internationally-trained chefs. It started off with their Remedies.

Remedies | Php 120

There are lots of choices you can choose from Agape’s Remedies. Ever wonder why it’s called ‘Remedies’? According to the manager, it’s a way of treatment. Well for my take, it’s actually the remedy I needed that time after being stuck in a horrendous traffic and walking from Shangri-La to Megamall. It’s obviously a healthy thirst quencher. It may seem unpleasant by the looks of it but trust me when I say it’s not that bad. Because I do not eat fruits but I do love fruit shakes which doesn’t make any sense at times. All I can say is, you gotta try it before you judge it!

  • Malunggay + Banana
  • Carrots + Malunggay + Cucumber
  • Broccoli + Carrots + Apple
  • Carrots + Parsley + Banana
  • Green Mango + Banana
Spicy Prawn and Papaya Salad | Php 235

Julienne of green papaya, garlic, green beans, carrots, sauteed shrimps in olive oil, in spicy honey lemon vinaigrette. In the contrary of my statement above with regards to fruits, greens are my thing! You can immediately stop counting your calories intake and just indulge with this guilt-free hearty bowl of salad. I enjoyed it because it did not use the usual caesar dressing but instead a vinaigrette which also complemented the sweet taste of papaya and the not so spicy prawns.

Seafood in Squid Ink | Php 265
Marie Gambasetti | Php 265

Agape’s pastas are Italian-inspired that comes with a garlic bread. Choice of either spaghetti or penne. These two right here are my favorites. The Squid Ink Seafood pasta had a perfect silky black hue which made it look more appetizing. The fresh squid ink topped with shrimps and garlicky squid made me feel like I can actually taste the ocean in my mouth. The Marie Gambasetti is an out of this world pasta. I can’t explain the unfathomable combination of shrimps, chorizo and capsicum infused with fresh herbs and spices. All I know is that it’s too good and I don’t wanna give myself a hard time taking it.

Tartine Platter | Php 425

Among Agape’s specialties are its variety of tartines, French-style open-faced, flavourful sandwiches topped with tasty yet healthy spreadable ingredients. It also comes with a side choice of either salad or fries. Their tartines can work well as lunch, dinner or even an appetizer. My favorite among the four is the Spinach, Mushroom & Ricotta. The combination of ricotta cream cheese, remedy spread, spinach, garlic mushroom was quite delighting in the palate.

  • Philly Cheese Steak
  • Smoked Salmon BLT
  • Beer Battered Fish
  • Spinach, Mushroom & Ricotta
Corned Beef Brisket | Php 265

A slice of homemade brisket served with fried eggs, sauerkraut and garlic rice. At first, I didn’t even think of it as a corned beef but when you try it, it sure does taste like one. This one is more on the French fusion side of Agape. It was a bit salty when you take it all in one spoonful, the combined texture of egg and fried rice will sort of alleviate the salty side of the corned beef.

All Meat Artisan Pizza | Php 415

This artisan pizza is made with fresh dough, premium toppings, oven baked at the right temperature. This is probably the so-so among all of the food that was served that day. It’s good but it’s not unique like the rest, though I enjoyed it because of the crunchy onions.

Choco Lava Tart | Php 50 – Guiltless Ensaymada | Php 60
Muffin | Php 95
Chocolate Evil Cake | Php 175
Creme Brulee | Php 45

I enjoyed pretty much everything in the desserts except for the muffin which tasted like an ordinary muffin. I like the Chocolate Evil Cake because it’s so evil that it will make you sinful in every bite. It’s a pudding underneath the marshmallow icing and all the workout junkies need to beware of it. I’m not much of a sweet tooth type of person but I absolutely loved the Choco Lava Tart and the Creme Brulee. The Guiltless Ensaymada on the other note is my favorite. I mean, duh? Cheese! The top was overloaded with cheese that you wouldn’t ask for more!

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Agape and would definitely be back to try the other pastas in their menu. They have opened up their 3rd branch in Ayala Malls the 30th and let’s wait for them to open up a new branch in the south! 🙂

Agape Pastries & Tartines
5th Level, Bridgeway, SM Megamall
Mon - Sun 10 AM to 10 PM

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