Inflatable Island | Xtremely Xpresso

Another weekend eatscape! So happy that me and my HS bffs were able to squeeze this trip into our busy schedules. You guys have no idea how hard it is to plan out some stuff with those lunatics. Most of us are working, one is taking law and another one is taking dentistry. But I must admit that am the one with the pretty insane schedule! I typically plot every event and future plans on my planner and it’s normal for me to have already planned my whole year even though we’re still on the second quarter of the year. So, good luck! LOL

So we left Manila before 4AM and arrive at Inflatable Island 7-ish AM. There were a very few people that time that’s why we were able to enjoy the island right away. We only availed the 4-hour pass and to be honest, that is long enough! We left 10AM so we were just there basically for 2 hours. LOL. And when we left, we were surprised that the crowd multiplied like a hundred times. There were like 10 field trip buses and the island was literally full of people. So, if you are planning to try and experience the obstacle courses in the Inflatable Island, make sure to be there as early as 7AM and enjoy the island all to yourself! 🙂

Sad that we didn’t have a gopro that time! There could’ve been a lot of good and super funny photos taken in the island because we fell off so many times and it was quite challenging to carry yourself back on the island. Anyway, after a good morning stretch we treated ourselves with Korean buffet. There were quite a few around Subic but we ended up at Gangnam Premium Buffet. It’s probably the most decent Korean buffet we found around the area because we tried scouting and everything else are just so-so. But please manage your expectations, Korean buffets in Subic are so incomparable from the ones I have tried in Manila.

After having lunch, we went grocery shopping because we prefer to cook dinner and breakfast instead of eating outside. Good thing our AirBnB was fully equipped with everything we needed. I highly recommend Kay’s AirBnB because it can accommodate up to 6 people, it was spacious enough, they have wifi, cable and the place is very accessible. After checking in, we dozed off for a couple of hours because we were all restless. We got up around 6PM and prepared Adobo for dinner. It was my first time to cook Adobo w/ Shane and they were all happy about it. I hope they enjoyed it genuinely and not just because they were hungry. LOL. And of course, we capped off our night with our best friend, Jose Cuervo. 🙂

And Sunday came, we checked out and headed to the Subic Yacht Club hoping we could take some photos inside but no luck. Though it was okay because we manage to take lots of good photos from some areas with picturesque backgrounds! The photos were all taken near the Freeport where you can buy lots of cheap stuff.

And before we headed back to Manila, we had late lunch at Xtremely Xpresso. We waited around 15 minutes for us to get a seat since there were a lot of customers that time. The food we ordered were all in big portions and very good. Need I mention that most of the crew that time seemed to be unhappy with that they are doing and it made the dining experience bad, but overall the food and ambiance were fine.

We spent roughly P3,500 per person for this weekend eatscape. That includes everything! From the Inflatable Island entrance fee, locker room rentals, accommodation in AirBnB, gas, toll gate, grocery, korean buffet and lunch at Xtremey Xpresso.

Any guess where will my next destination be for my weekend eatscape series?

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