Ilocos Norte & Sur

Wanna know where I spent the recent Labor Day long weekend? Well, you might think that I have spent the holiday in LaBoracay but hey, it’s already stated on the title. LOL. But seriously, I’m the beach type of person yet I haven’t considered going to Boracay on Labor Day. I’m just quite unsure if I will be able to enjoy my vacation with that kind of crowd. I know it’s obviously fun but, there are holidays where you just want to be laid back and Labor Day 2017 is one of those.

I was actually expecting some relaxing and easygoing vacation but I figured that I was with my main b*tches so there and then I thought, ‘This is gonna be hella fun!’ It was actually my second time in Ilocos and I wasn’t really excited because during my first visit, there were very few excursionists but during this time, I didn’t anticipate that tourist spots would be so jam-packed! Nevertheless, I still managed to take good photos with less photobombers. 😛

We wanted a hassle-free trip so we took a package instead of DIY which is what we do most of the time. Though it wasn’t entirely hassle-free because in all honesty, there are pros and cons of availing a tour package just like when we wanted to eat somewhere decent but the driver would insist to bring us somewhere he recommends (because they get something out of bringing customers into these restaurants). Good thing that for our accommodation, the travel agency kind of exceeded our expectation because we stayed at Century Gardens Hotel. It wasn’t actually on the list of hotel choices and I think since it was a holiday, everything was already fully-booked so we stayed instead in this a bit more fancy provincial hotel. I can now say the P2,500 per head was worth it.

And for our last dinner, the driver was trying to recommend this restaurant in Pagudpud called Bergblick. At first, we were very hesitant because we haven’t really eaten any decent meal that day and we wanted something different and sumptuous. And so I google-d Bergblick and it was actually on the list of must try’s of some blogs. After seeing their menu, we just started drooling and thinking of the food the entire time! Good thing, the place is close from where we came from and we didn’t have to wait too long to assuage the hunger. LOL.

Trips whether planned or spontaneous usually have glitches. These problems are just bumps in the road that should not spoil the fun out of the trip. So, learn how to not make a big deal out of the small things. Besides, as cliche as it may sound but it’s true that, ‘Life was meant for good friends and great adventures!’

Can’t wait for my next ‘Weekend Eatscape’. Any suggestion out there? Hit the comments section below! Thank you! 🙂

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