The Giving Café

I had been to a lot of different cafes and am still looking for new ones because I kinda fancy being out on weekends enjoying my free time, catching up with friends, writing up for my blog or sometimes doing some work while I am enjoying a cup of coffee. Caffeine plays a great role in our daily lives. Well, for me. And you know what I mean if you are procaffeinating like me. LOL.

I work somewhere in Pioneer and I pass by Sheridan every single work day and I have been eyeing on this new cafe since its construction days. Actually, I was not even sure if it’s really a cafe. I just had a good sense that it was and yes it is.

TGC: A Social Enterprise is not just a mere cafe but a home of art. From the outside, you will see paintings of wings and some quotes. And inside the cafe, you will not see a single corner that looks dull in the eyes of the beholder. The ceiling is designed with ropes and ‘banig’ and the furnitures are so on point. It’s exactly how I envision myself working and getting a sip of good aromatic coffee. It’s so comfortable that I can stay here for hours. Plus, they have power outlets and they will even lend you extensions if need be which is perfect for remote workers. The staff are very friendly and accommodating and I hope they keep it that way sharing good vibes through food, place and experience. 🙂

And this is where the magic happens. 🙂

There’s more to it than just good ambiance and good food. The Giving Café is living up to its name and wanna know why? Read the post below. This is the reason why I decided to write a blogpost about this place because of its good cause.

And of course I tried their coffee and something to eat from their menu. Very timely that I was craving for pasta that day and Pesto was available. Pesto is always my pick for pasta whenever it’s in the menu even from other restaurants. I actually love trying different versions because some restaurants are really innovative with their dishes. Though I honestly appreciate Pesto pasta whether it’s plain or with quite exciting twist. TGC makes their own Pesto sauce and that’s what convinced me more to try it. And I ordered a quake or commonly known as a frappe.

To sum it all up, whether it be socials, work or even alone time, TGC: The Social Enterprise is a great venue for us people who love comfy and cozy cafes. Bear in mind that you are not just taking a sip of a good coffee but you are actually being a part of a good cause to help our local coffee growers.

TGC: A Social Enterprise
Sheridan corner Pines Street, Mandaluyong City
Mon - Sun 7 AM to 10 PM
Contact: (02) 518 9291 

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