Artesania MNL Café

I clearly remember that I thought of taking Fine Arts when I reach college back when I was still in elementary school. It was a childhood dream. I was the usual kid back then who loved, and still loves, watching cartoons and drawing random stuff. But as time flies, I realized that the course wasn’t really meant for me. I was destined to be someone else. Nonetheless, art has always been a part of my life. From editing photos to curating my Instagram feed. In fact, it’s an integral part of life for some people.

One beautiful Sunday afternoon with my fellow blogger (JenSand Under my Feet) and vloggers (NhengNheng’s Wonderland & YongYongBaeTV), we did not just spend a usual day eating but, we also learnt something new. We are fortunate and grateful of Artesania MNL Café for introducing us back to the basics of painting with watercolors and also teaching us calligraphy. It was an absolute fun and no dull moments kind of day and I wouldn’t mind having more days like this.

Artesania MNL Café is where you can escape from the daily stresses in life and a comfortable place to meet your friends and loved ones to bond, ‘#ArtTambay’ and enjoy good food. The home of the Galaxy Latte, Artesania MNL Café boasts its artsy dishes and creativity-inducing menu. It is a one-stop shop for artists, crafters, and local coffee addicts. More than just a café, it is a place to dream and kindle the artist in you as they offer various arts and crafts you can try during your stay. Located in the heart of Maginhawa, the café is open on Tuesdays through Sundays, from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

And before we started with our first activity which is watercolor painting, we had some snacks. It seemed that we already received our reward for doing a good job even though we haven’t really started yet. LOL.

Potato Eaters | Php 185

The Potato Eaters is inspired from the painting of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh which depicts people who eats their potatoes they have manually tilled. Who can say ‘NO’ to french fries? Seriously? This also goes with four (4) different and colorful flavored dips: Ketchup, Blue Cheese, Barbeque, and Mustard. The fries is good for sharing and it’s a must to try every dip. My favorite picks are the mustard and BBQ (of course).

Galaxy Latte | Php 95/110 (short/tall)

Artesania MNL Café’s menu offers a wide variety of caffeine loaders and when the Galaxy Latte was served, it’s so cute that we didn’t want to ruin this picturesque drink. It comes in two (2) different sizes, either short or tall. I suggest you take the tall ‘coz the additional 15-peso makes all the difference in the world. LOL. They make good coffee and that I can vouch for because I also enjoyed their Iced Caramel Macchiato! That’s the perfect caffeine kick I need to get myself ready everyday for work.

And we finally started with watercolor painting. We started off with the color wheel and mixing the three (3) primary colors which are the Red, Blue, and Yellow. We were also taught some of the watercolor techniques which are really confusing at first but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. And whilst we are on it, we are munching on Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Midsummer Night’s Dream | Php 245

This healthy bowl of salad was named after a Shakespeare classic. It’s composed of Romaine Lettuce, Grapes, Mangoes, tossed in honey mustard dressing topped with crushed sweetened Pili nuts. It’s a very unlikely kind of snack to have while painting but it was actually a good deal. Snacking on a light meal while busy painting and getting ourselves hungry for some exciting treat after.

BTS shot from our workspace. We were on our second activity that time which was the Calligraphy. I asked if there’s an advantage if a person has a good handwriting and the answer is NO, unfortunately. I thought it was going to be easy for me but it turned out the other way around. Though the rule was very simple, it was still quite hard to make it look like an actual calligraphy. LOL

The Animal Farm | Php 290

Artesania MNL Café also serves (almost) everyone’s comfort food – PIZZA! For people like me who prefer ‘LESS IS MORE,’ you can try the Bethoveen’s Grand Sonata which has nothing but cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar, Kesong Puti, Parmesan Cheese). And if you fetish the meat-overloaded type of pizza, then you should go for The Animal Farm. This pizza has Pepperoni, mixed sausages, Adobo flakes, and Mozzarella cheese.

Come On, Irene. | Php 280

Come on, Irene pizza is Artesania MNL’s version of Dexy’s Midnight Runners, an ode to Ivan and Irene. This pizza is very basic but I absolutely loved it. Aside from the fact that is has flavorful Garlic Prawns (fav!), the pizza can be spicy and good at the same time without being hot. Do I sound weird? I’m not a fan of spicy dishes especially when it’s served boiling hot though at certain times, I kinda appreciate it just like Korean food which is very spicy in general.

Cucumber Lemon | Php 105

This Cucumber Lemon was the perfect match for the Come on, Irene. It was so refreshing having this ice cold drink after eating a spicy food. We also got to try the Strawberry Lychee. It tasted also good but I’m not a fan of fruity drinks so the other Cucumber Lemon worked really well for me. 🙂

Pesto by Golly Wow | Php 280

Artesania MNL Café is turning one (1) this September and they will be introducing new offerings in their menu. Pesto by Golly Wow is one of them and for Pesto lovers like me, I can’t wait for you to try this creamy pasta. They will also introduce affordable but filling rice meals which is called Petsa de Peligro Meals.

This was the final activity we did. We had to paint using watercolor for the background of our calligraphy. I think I just got very lucky with this one. I need more practice to perfect the upward (thin) and downward (thick) rule of strokes in calligraphy. You guys have no idea how long it took me to get this done! LOL!

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Artesania MNL Café is designed with your best interests in mind and specifically to cater to our local artists who want to share their knowledge and skills to everybody. Together with your skills and knowledge, they aim to make sure that their place is conducive for workshops and other creative thingamajigs. They provide ample space for their participants and artists to move and roam around to teach better and share their knowledge. The Café can accommodate up to twelve (12) workshop attendees for those who want to teach in big groups.

And what’s the best way to reward the hardworking participants and artists after a good workshop? Scrumptious food, of course! Here in Artesania MNL Café, they pride themselves in serving good food to their attendees and partner artists. Artesania MNL Cafê is the exact definition of – WHERE ART AND GOOD FOOD MEET.

Artesania MNL Café
2nd Level 140 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, QC
Tue - Sun 11 AM to 10 PM

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