Lakawon Island

I didn’t know what to feel when I got a prompt from Lakawon Island’s website that the TawHai Floating Bar will be unavailable during our stay due to maintenance and improvements. The reason I acted out is that everything was already set. We booked our room and paid for the floating bar experience prior learning that we wouldn’t be able to try it ourselves. I also read a blog that the Lakawon Island is just a mere beach like every other beach and the only thing that makes it special is the TawHai Floating Bar. But I was there and I tell you, it’s not your typical beach like what other people are saying! 😛

4:20 AM flight to Bacolod and we landed at around 5 in the morning. On our way to Ceres Bus Terminal from Silay Airport, beholds the magnificent beauty of the sunrise. It was a good sign that it’s not going to be just an ordinary day.

There’s a UV terminal in Silay Airport and you can ask the driver to drop you off at Ceres Bus Terminal, only if you are heading straight to Lakawon Island like in our case. The fare was Php 150 each and I suggest if you guys are a group of 3-5, then you can book a Grab instead. (I didn’t know at first that Grab was available!)

From Ceres Bus Terminal, you can ride a bus (Php 100) bound for Dumaguete or Cadiz. Ask to drop you off at Martisan Crossing in Cadiz. From there, you will ride a tricycle (Php 20 each) good for 6 people and you are required to pay for the whole even if you are just a group of 3. When you reach the Lakawon Port, you will need to pay another Php 280 for the back and forth boat ride and you’ll get to the island in 15 minutes.

We reached the island and I was blown away in an instant. The wooden runway, island breeze, white sand beach, and the picturesque view will welcome you altogether with the sound of waves hitting the shore like it’s inviting you to go and refresh with the salt waters. Another love at first sight, indeed.

What I love more about this island is the warm welcome from the staff. They were in all smiles and very accommodating. We arrived at 8 in the morning and since it was non-peak season, we were able to check in early and enjoy some siesta time. I highly suggest to visit Lakawon Island during this time (September) since the rooms are discounted from Php 3,500 to Php 2,100 for 4 people. And I think having lesser crowd was a big factor why I absolutely enjoyed our stay because we were able to relax completely.

They have a restaurant and it opens early for breakfast. Food is quite pricey but it’s good for sharing. You have an option as well to bring in some snacks but you will be charged with a corkage fee. You can also spend an entire day in the island and rent a nipa hut/tent where you can leave your stuff.

On our way back to the room, we didn’t expect to see this colorful sunset since it was too cloudy. But it showed up! It was perfectly stealing the moment and all our attention was on to it as it was slowly phasing and changing colors. We had our speaker that time and I played some chill music while tirelessly staring at the sunset. I wish I could pause that moment or just re-live that time.

I woke up early the next day to chase the sunrise but unfortunately, it was a bit dark and cloudy so I didn’t see it. What I witnessed instead is the morning novena here at Lakawon Island. It was a very solemn morning and they even played the Philippine national anthem afterwards. I was just there seated somewhere and discretely participating. I didn’t want to get the attention because I think they do not expect people that early. LOL.

And right after we had breakfast that morning, we spent a lot of time by the beach and just trying to maximize our time left. But most of it was picture taking! You can find a lot of instagram-worthy spots in Lakawon and wish I could go back! I still want to try the TawHai Floating Bar and get some booze and jump off the boat.

Next month is Masskara Festival in Bacolod and Lakawon will be setting up a chill “TawHai” session. Limited slots only so hurry! Check out their FB page for more details!


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