Bacolod City (of Smiles)

The Ruins. It’s the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I hear of Bacolod City, which is often referred as the City of Smiles. I have come to ask why is it that I rarely see people smiling? The locals really need to live up with its slogan. LOL. Nevertheless, this city without a doubt left a big smile on my face as I tick off this place on my travel bucket list.

From Lakawon Island, we braved the typhoon on our way back to Bacolod City. This was exactly when two (2) weather disturbances (Typhoon “Lannie” and Tropical Depression “Maring”) entered the Philippines. Luckily, the torrential raining had already passed when we reached the city proper.

I had done my research (of course) and looked for cheap hotels/hostels in Bacolod where we spent a night. We checked in at The Hostelry and we absolutely loved the place! It didn’t seem like a hostel at all and I personally liked the interior of the room we booked especially the toilet (I forgot to take a photo)! I honestly want to design my own toilet that way — in the future. LOL. The hostel has an inarguably clean lobby, relaxing vibes, cold air-conditioning, free wifi and artsy walls! They even have their own cafe and you can grab your free breakfast there which I should mention how good they are at making Tapa!

After we settled, we went out to have late lunch at Diotay’s (Dampa). Unfortunately, they have kitchen hours and they won’t be open until after an hour. This is where I found out that they have Grab in Bacolod! LOL. We Grab-ed to Chicken House and there we had lunch. (Thanks to Mary for the recommendations!) At first, I thought it was just like Mang Inasal chicken but hell no! Their chicken is juicier and the skin is crispy. It was definitely incomparable to the Inasal chicken restaurants I tried in Manila. I think the chicken was fried then grilled or vice versa. I don’t know HAHA! All I know is that I had three (3) garlic rice to my satisfaction!

Then we made our way to The Ruins via Grab car. I thought it was far but if I’m not mistaken, it was just a 15-min ride from the city center. There were a lot of tourists that time so you really have to be patient with your photos ‘coz there are a lot of photo-bombers. Even so, we still managed to take good photos because the architecture itself of The Ruins is overflowing with attractiveness.

We waited for the night to come to see The Ruins with its lights on! And it was majestic. It was way beyond beautiful and you should see it yourself! If we had more time, we could’ve probably explored more of the city of smiles. But at least there are plenty of reasons for me to return.

Where to buy pasalubong? We went to BongBong’s since they have wide varieties of assorted pastries and delicacies you can bring home. A must try is the Napoleones! You can also try at Merzci since they sell Napoleones that are due in a few days unlike the ones I bought from BongBong’s which are due the day after, so you really have to consume it right away.

And before heading back to The Hostelry, we tried Calea Pastries and Cake. They make really delicious cakes and their Mud Pie is too freakin’ good! The cheesecake is also perfect paired with their coffee over iced.

And lastly before we flew back to Manila, we got delayed for few hours because of the typhoon. Knowing me, I can’t live without coffee and as soon as I spot Kuppa in the boarding area of Silay Airport I ordered their White Cloud Mocha (recommended by the barista). I enjoyed it too much that I had to order another one because the delay got extended. It was understandable because the airline’s priority is the safety of everyone. Thanks to Cebu Pacific for the complimentary snack for everyone who waited for hours.

If you haven’t read and seen my Lakawon Island experience yet, please do check it out!

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