Malangaan Cave and Spring

It already became a habit of mine to plan my weekends with activities that usually require long drive, picturesque views, unlimited snacks, fun lot and loads of laughter. My friends, both existential and non-existential, know me as an outdoorsy type of person who loves to be out and about.

It finally happened. I had been planning of this quick out of the metro escape with my main b*tches and God knows how eager I am to visit and check out this little paradise in San Rafael, Bulacan. Need I mention the roads on the way will give you eye-catching nature landscapes. And it’s true that over time, some parts inside the cave were vandalized by a bunch of morons, but I personally think that it didn’t entirely ruin the beauty of Malangaan Cave. It was a testament of timeless beauty.

The low-pressure area didn’t stop us from spelunking. The current was against us. I slipped. I fell. I got back on my knees. It was fun, actually. Doing something new and different always excite me even if it sometimes means putting your life in jeopardy. LOL.

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Dramatic Long Exposure shots of Lourdes

That’s not the most exciting part yet. I had no idea at all that there was really a “dark” cave where you will find yourself gripping on to solid objects while braving the mud-filled cave with a little help from the flash of our phones. IT WAS CRAZY. We even passed through a small hole and that was the most challenging part for me because I am very tall and big! Sad that we weren’t able to take photos inside and that is mainly because our hands were filled with thick mud. LOL. Only took a couple of shots from the pre and post dark cave spelunking.


  1. At your convenience, make sure to visit Malangaan Cave and Spring during summer. It’s safer and hassle-free. But if you’re up for a challenge, then I guess rainy season works best!
  2. Wear the appropriate clothing for this kind of activity.
  3. If you are driving, I suggest you take an SUV (or AUV at least) because if not, your car will suffer like what happened to mine! I was driving a Toyota Vios if you are wondering. 🙂
  4. Hire a tour guide! I read that it was relatively easy but it’s way better to have someone who knows the place and will guide you. Plus, you cannot survive the dark cave on your own! And they will serve as a photographer too. There’s no agreed amount for the tour guides and it’s totally up to you if you wish to be miserly or generous.
  5. Watch your head (your entire body, actually) in the cave! Else you’ll get lumps and bruises and whatnot.


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