Five Fingers & Laki Beach

Looking back at the moments that make up my 2017 I must say that it was, indeed, another eventful year for me. Not just for me, but for my family and everyone else and that’s for sure. Good times and bad times, no matter what happened we all deserve to congratulate ourselves for making it, yet again, to the finish line of this roller coaster life we are all riding in this year. And before this year actually goes to an end, the beach bum inside me wanted to take one last trip to seal 2017 the best way possible. And as much as I love winter season outside the country, truth be told that it’s always summer in my heart.

People know me as a DIY travel enthusiast, but this time I’m not. I just wanted to be carefree and I definitely didn’t want to tire myself from a long drive. LOL. That’s why me and my friends took a joiner’s package to Five Fingers and Laki Beach in Bataan. I’ve been to Bataan several times but, I didn’t realize that it has more than meets the eye. I feel very lucky to be here even before it gets discovered by everyone. I just wish for people who decides to visit the same places to be responsible travelers/tourists to help preserve the beauty of nature.

For only Php 1,250, you get to visit a lot of places in one day. There’s a different rate for the overnight stay and since it’s New Year’s Eve the following day, we decided to just take the day tour. Our first few stops are the Sisiman San Miguel Rock, Sisiman Bay, Sisiman Lighthouse, and Sisiman Grotto. We were welcomed with a beautiful sunrise that we couldn’t stop staring at. For inquiries, you may contact Lovely Fu (the organizer) on Facebook.

After a good morning hike to Sisiman Grotto, we went to a place (I forgot the name!) where we had breakfast. From there, you can start changing in to your swim attire since you only have limited time and you don’t want wasting the time of other people. You can also ask the organizer who will join you to buy you lunch before the island hopping starts. The options are very limited and I think the wisest to pick is a whole chicken from Andok’s. LOL. We also paid a visit to the so called ‘Batanes of the West’.

Five Fingers cove to cove adventure is one epic experience because you’ll be surprised what Bataan has to offer. I, myself, was shocked that it has white sand beaches, cliff jumping and rock climbing spots, beautiful rock formations, and you can even snorkel at some areas. This is new to me since most of the places I get to do the same things I’ve done here are mostly outside Luzon and probably requires plane ride. I’m still in awe because in a span of how many hours, we were able to experience all of these you are seeing in photos. It was tiring but worthy. Though I got really anxious on our way back to the port because the waves were so big to the extent that I was thinking we might not make it alive. But here I am, writing this blog on New Year’s Eve safe and sound. Thank you, G!


Laki Beach was the last destination. Here we had our late lunch and killed some time by just listening to music, chilling by the beach, taking photos, drinking beers, and anything you can think of. Kidding. So happy and lucky that there were less tourists and so we were able to enjoy our stay. And it’s true, you appreciate more the beauty of nature if it’s not crowded and not spoilt. I actually had a power nap under the coconut trees and it was one of the best things ever! I wish I could that more often this 2018.

And that’s it! Another year had passed and it seemed like yesterday that we were celebrating for 2017, little did we know that here we are having a toast for New Year’s Eve of 2018. Let’s all take chances this 2018 to discover new things, find the joy we are looking for, get things right, and of course always be grateful for what we have and the reasons as to why we have them. Wishing everyone all the best life has to offer! Good luck and Godspeed!


  1. This trip organized by Lovely Fu does not require down payment and with that, last minute back out isn’t going to be accepted. Your company who will join you will have to shoulder your payment in case you decide to ditch the trip. In the event ALL of you backed out, that will result for the cancelation of the trip and the other joiners will be affected. So… make sure you are 100% sure with the dates you are going to commit!
  2. Dry bag is an essential! Else it’s fine for your things to get drenched in salt water.
  3. Bring at least a liter of water for each person because once the island hopping starts, there’s nowhere you can buy water in the island. Plus, you can use your water to wash your hands or face. 🙂
  4. If you are a tall person like me, it’s better if you secure a seat on the first row of the van or you’ll suffer the entire trip (LIKE ME!).
  5. Get all your things ready and organized so that you won’t have to clutter everything in and out of your bag when it’s time for island hopping or shower, etc.
  6. You have an option to take a shower in Laki Beach but it’s not ideal since the waves will still get you wet. During our time, the local neighborhood allowed to use their toilets to get cleaned up for Php 20. Not bad.
  7. You must have a brave heart for big waves!


2 Replies to “Five Fingers & Laki Beach”

  1. 6 pax joiners for Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan day tour 1250 package

    Francis Samson
    Joel Dela Paz
    Raven Factor
    Jesse Pascual
    Walter Riopay
    Kristine Aquiler


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