Coffee Project

Coffee lovers like me don’t need to consider anything before getting a good cup of what seems to be running in our system, it’s some sort of necessity which has great effect in our daily lives. It’s true when people say they cannot function until they get to take the first sip and smell the aroma of the coffee beans, at least for me because I’m exactly like that. You don’t feel whole and something is definitely missing if a day goes by without COFFEE. I bet you know what I’m talking about!

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Smash Brother’s Barbershop

There’s only one compelling reason for me to drive from Pasig to anywhere in Quezon City and that is if I’m going to indulge, gastronomically speaking. I don’t feel the need to state the reason(s) why because it’s already obvious. Let’s just say we all face our worst nightmare everyday and anytime of the day and I do not have the luxury to waste my own time driving 2 hours for only a few kilometres. But hey! I just discovered that Maginhawa is not just a haven for foodies, but there’s actually more to this area than meets the eye.

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Tokyo, Japan

While a lot of countries all over the world are planning and maybe still adapting with technology, Japan just had it all figured out. They are way ahead and they are the exact definition of the “FUTURE.” I maybe exaggerating but, I was there, I saw it, I experienced it firsthand. It amazes me to think what else in this world of technology could they be cooking up, Artificial Intelligence perhaps? But seriously, who knows what’s next?

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