Smash Brother’s Barbershop

There’s only one compelling reason for me to drive from Pasig to anywhere in Quezon City and that is if I’m going to indulge, gastronomically speaking. I don’t feel the need to state the reason(s) why because it’s already obvious. Let’s just say we all face our worst nightmare everyday and anytime of the day and I do not have the luxury to waste my own time driving 2 hours for only a few kilometres. But hey! I just discovered that Maginhawa is not just a haven for foodies, but there’s actually more to this area than meets the eye.

Smash Brother’s Barbershop is situated in the busy neighborhood of Maginhawa area which offers different services both for men and women. That’s right! The old school barbershops we grew up visiting in our younger days are now very welcoming of all genders. It’s not like we stereotype the barbershop community based on human being of male sex but we’re just used to the fact that only men go to barbershops. SERIOUSLY, WHY AM I EXPLAINING?! LOL! My point is, here at Smash Brother’s Barbershop, your girl doesn’t need to wait that long for you to get your haircut done but instead, she can get a mani/pedi and other services and enjoy her regular grooming at the same time.

The colorful interior gives a vibrant energy and homey feels to its customers. It’s consistent with its service as the staff and owner, who actually does the haircut, welcome you with a cheerful smile. I love how the simple and random idea of putting up a barbershop turned out. Kudos to the Smash brothers, Rey-an and Reb! They are also planning to re-open the original branch in Ortigas since they have already developed a good relationship with their clientele in the area. I can’t wait for it to happen because it’s going to be more accessible for those who are living around the Eastern (like ME!) and Southern part of the Metro!

So what did I get? The first thing that came into my mind was haircut, but I just had a trim few days before this. So I took a hair treatment instead, Hair Spa to be exact. The whole point is to rejuvenate and protect my ridiculously dry hair. LOL. This is actually the first treatment my hair’s going to have, aside from hair dye. The procedure was very quick.

  1. Wash the hair
  2. Apply the serum
  3. Cover hair with cling wrap for 15 minutes or so
  4. Wash the hair and apply conditioner
  5. Blow dry!

I love how my hair is more soft and manageable than ever. I fancy combing it with my hands because I hate using combs. Being carefree in simple ways like this delights my own lifestyle. LOL. This is definitely not my last hair spa! And for those who visit Maginhawa for the sole purpose of eating, do yourself a favor and visit Smash and get a well-deserved makeover!

For the updated list and price of their services, you may refer below. They also sell Pomade for only Php 300. Let me know your thoughts when you visit Smash!

Smash Brother's Barbershop
No. 2 Matimtiman Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
Mon - Sun 10 AM to 7 PM
Contact: (63) 947 899 9170

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