Coffee Project

Coffee lovers like me don’t need to consider anything before getting a good cup of what seems to be running in our system, it’s some sort of necessity which has great effect in our daily lives. It’s true when people say they cannot function until they get to take the first sip and smell the aroma of the coffee beans, at least for me because I’m exactly like that. You don’t feel whole and something is definitely missing if a day goes by without COFFEE. I bet you know what I’m talking about!

Good news! Coffee Project opened up a new branch in Libis along C5 within the vicinity of AllHome, which was the previous Shopwise. I learnt about it since it was all over my Instagram feed, and so I went here with my ‘kaladkarin’ friend, Aya! Good news for me because our house is Php 8 away from where it is located. Bad news because, I very well know myself that I have another reason to go out and bum somewhere else. LOL. But seriously, there are several reasons I’m going to share as to why this is the ultimate coffee place for bloggers, remote workers,  titas and titos of manila, and even a group of friends who love catching up over some caffeine and sweets.

If you’ve been to any Coffee Project branch before, the decorations will no longer surprise you because it’s the same for all the other branches (I THINK). An urban jungle enclosed in a modern structure, that’s how I would describe it. Instagrammable, in one word. But what really sets apart this particular branch in Libis is that it is spacious enough to house 148 customers tops. That kind of seating capacity usually lacks ample power outlets but here, that is not an issue. You will find sockets everywhere even under the desks. How about the internet connection? Well, they have free wifi which is as fast as the internet in the first world countries! Mind you that they have no data cap or any limitation. YOU CAN SURF ALL YOU WANT! Though I noticed that some websites can’t be accessed such as Youtube, Spotify, etc. which is okay. I think it’s just fair so that everyone can enjoy the fast and free internet.

Coffee Project offers wide variety of tummy fillers so you’ll never run out of choice. They have sandwiches, revel bars, loaves, muffins, cakes, doughnut, etc. They even have pasta, pizza, savory delights, and salads for the weight conscious. LOL. For the drinks, they brew different coffee and for non-caffeine drinkers, they have smoothie, floats and frappes.

This cafe has become our favorite as soon as our first visit. We love it to the point that we went back the day after. I convinced Aya to work remotely while I write a blog about it. You can try each area whenever you visit so you get to have a different view, because every corner is so on point. It’s so beautiful and relaxing in the eyes that we can’t help but take a photo-op. LOL.

Sharing is caring. That’s the reason why I decided to write a blog about this branch of Coffee Project. They not only levelled up the game but also set high standards to people like me. I can’t wait for more branches to open!

Coffee Project
AllHome, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Mon - Thur 7 AM to 12 MN
Fri - Sun 7 AM to 1 AM

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