Taperia Poblacion & The Sippery

I am still asking myself, “Why now?” Why did I just learn about this restaurant now? Why not sooner? Why not as soon as it opened its doors circa 2016? It’s probably because I was busy with my life (all aspects of it) and I didn’t have the time to explore Poblacion itself or, perhaps, it was lacking good marketing that time. I don’t know! What I’m sure about is that Taperia Poblacion is one heck of a restaurant serving Filipino-Spanish dishes that brings heaven to you!

Taperia Poblacion is founded and owned by Chef Ariel Manuel who personally prepared all the dishes that were served on the table that day. I was famished (I think we all were), having had no food since the night before. I had high hopes because I don’t get to try Spanish cuisine all the time and everyone was happy with how the food tasted, how it was presented, and how everything else make up for the overall experience including the restaurant’s interior. The touches of colours go with the historic theme of the neighbourhood restaurant which gives you just the right vibes.

Fried Jamon and Machego Cheese | Php 60/pc
Baked Brie Cheese w/ Sobrasada | Php 65/pc
Smoked Salmon and Egg Pimiento | Php 55/pc

Our Spanish gastronomic adventure was kicked off with this Pintxos, which means ‘to pierce‘ with a toothpick or anything pointy to keep the highlights or toppings from falling off the open-faced bread. These are good starters, but watch out because too much of these can instantly make you full and trust me when I say that you should prepare for a more exciting treat!

Salmon Ahumado Crepe Ensalada | Php 200

A healthier choice to start off with for the weight conscious people. LOL. The Salmon Ahumado Crepe Ensalada is a thrilling version of salad composed of smoked salmon and lettuce rolled crepe with Anchovy dressing. Now that is far from boring!!

Costillas de Cerdo (Php 375) on the left and U.S. Rib Eye Salpicao (Php 425) on the right. If these photos didn’t make you feel hungry or drool at the very least, not sure what will! Costillas de Cerdo is barbequed pork ribs with glazed apples and the U.S. Rib Eye Salpicao is in mustard and garlic. The hefty serving of their Tapas are good for sharing, but I’m sure this is the part where you’ll question your generosity when it comes to sharing! 😀

And just when I thought we were already having a good time, the Chipirones Adobo (Php 390), Callos (Php 390) and Gambas with Almonds (Php 395) were served. The Chipirones Adobo is baby squid cooked in balsamic vinegar and garlic, the sinful Callos is composed of braised ox tripe and beef tendon and lastly, the Gambas with Almonds is pimenton shrimps in garlic and olive oil. These dishes, even though the serving looks relatively small, brought satisfaction to our big appetite. (Low-key asking for more Gambas. HAHAHA)

Espagueti a la Bolonesa | Php 420

I always convince myself that I’m yet not full until I have tried every single dish on the table and so it makes the eating continues. I undoubtedly gluttonized myself over this Espagueti a la Bolonesa in chorizo and tomato stew just because I love pasta and noodles. I know they’re different but this pasta gave the same kind of happiness I feel whenever I eat noodles. I’m not weird, I’m just unique. 😛

I read that NOT EVERY SPANISH RICE IS PAELLA RICE and that explains why these two are called Arroz Valenciana (Php 660) and Arroz En Su Tinta (Php 680). The Arroz Valenciana is composed of various seafoods such as squid, shrimps, mussels and scallops while the Arroz En Su Tinta has tomato, saffron, chorizo and chicken. I could probably survive Spain because rice is not an issue!

Chateau Bonnet Entre-Deux-Mers 2014 | Php 1660
Ventisquero Reserva | Php 1660

While we were enjoying our stay, Chef Manuel let us try some of the wines in his collection at The Sippery. I’m not a good critique of wine but what I’m sure about is that we finished the two bottles of red and white and it couldn’t get more ‘tita’ than that! 😀

Sweets to cap off our lunch. Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake (Php 45), Flan de Naranja (Php 55) and “Magdalena” Brune Butter and Chocolate Truffle flavours (Php 180), all of which had the right amount of sweetness, are foodie approved! But my personal favourite is the soft and fluffy Brazo de Mercedes because the layers worked all together perfectly!

Taperia Poblacion is an ideal place for people looking for restaurants where they will get their money’s worth. I would say that their prices are way more ‘sulit’ compare to other restaurants because of the hefty servings of the dishes. After having a good meal at Taperia, you can easily transfer to The Sippery where a whole new world exists. They have wide selections of wines and different liquors and you’ll surely have a good Spanish time.

Taperia Poblacion & The Sippery
2nd Floor, Six Axis Center, B. Valdez St., Poblacion, Makati City
Mon - Sun 11 AM to 2 PM; 5 PM to 10 PM
FB: https://www.facebook.com/taperiapoblacion/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/taperia_poblacion/

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