Josiah’s Catering gets serious about business expansion, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Its subsidiary, Josiah’s Hospitality Management, is focused on hotels management and food and beverage operations for hotels and resorts. Through this, the company remains aggressive in growing its brand by venturing into its first F & B operations management.

Following the announcement of its new management, Josiah’s is unveiling a new concept restaurant, Sartin, located at Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay. Inspired by three generations of families from three distinct hometowns – Quezon, Tarlac, and Bacolod, Sartin offers homemade Filipino staple with authentic flavours prepared in traditional way, but it is given a modern twist and an atmosphere only a Filipino family restaurant can produce. A place with an ambiance that will entice you to return for the experience and homey atmosphere.

Sartin’s take on its interior is different and unique in a way because of its high wooden ceiling that is like of a cabin with modern twist of furnishings. The well-thought architecture and aesthetics of Sartin really made it more enticing especially the centre where a kitchen-like area is set up, and even just by seeing the facade of the restaurant.

“Tagaytay is a perfect location for our first F & B operations management because aside from its picturesque views and cool climate, it is a culinary destination on its own. We want to make the Tagaytay experience more exciting and delicious fo tourists and locals,” says Fresh Versoza, Chief Operating Officer of Josiah’s Catering, Inc.

And so we started to feast on some of the heirloom recipes.

Valenciana | Php 495

The Valenciana is made out of turmeric glutinous rice, topped with shrimps, mussels, squid, pork, chicken, and vegetables. Illonggo’s version of paella. This one’s very sticky and slightly bland and I actually confused it with ‘Kakanin’  and that is definitely due to the glutinous rice! I asked one of the marketing staff and he mentioned that it’s really supposed to be that way. Interesting!

Lechon na Ulo ng Baboy | Php 949

It doesn’t look appetising when you see it, but it’s worth the try. This Lechon na Ulo ng Baboy is slowly cooked in the oven and is served with home-made thin breads (pita), salsa, mustard leaves, and burong isda. Eat it the taco way! 😀

Every Filipino’s favorite! Sartin’s Jet’s Kare-Kare (Php 545) got me really excited because I saw a lot of veggies in it! It has ox tail, tripe and meat, special kare sauce and house made bagoong alamang. It instantly became my favorite!

Pritong Itik | Php 655

Pritong Itik is cooked the “confit” way — French method of cooking which means “to preserve.” The Native Itik is cooked slowly with oil, garlic, salt, pepper, herbs and then fried till crispy.

This is the chef’s tribute to his lola (grandma)! Sartin’s Escabeche na Isda (Php 635) is a fried fish in a sweet and sour escabeche sauce, cilantro and mango salsa. I want to try this again on my next visit because I barely tasted the escabeche sauce that time! We were on a buffet setup and so the sauce ran dry. 😛

Sartin Salad | Php 425

Sartin Salad is mixed lettuce, red radish, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, dried squid, tossed in pineapple vinaigrette and kesong puti. Now that’s a salad!

Not really a fan of Filipino desserts, but these were exceptions! I was going gaga over their ‘kakanins’ that I had to take seconds. Sartin’s Tibok-Tibok (Php 245), the white dessert, is the Kapampangan flan made of carabao’s milk and lime zest. DEFINITELY A MUST TRY!

Sartin is the home away from home. They serve Filipino comfort food you are looking for outside the metro. So when you are out and about in Tagaytay, make sure to drop by at Summit Ridge and try Sartin by Josiah’s. Besides, I’m pretty sure you are tired of eating that same mainstream dish over and over, right? It’s time to try something new!

Summit Ridge Hotel, Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Mon - Sun 11 AM to 10 PM

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