Sabtang & Fountain of Youth

It was another sweltering day in Batanes and I know I may sound weird, but that was just the way we were hoping it to be! Weather is a big factor that you need to consider when planning a trip to the islands of Batanes, especially when some are only reachable by boat. We originally planned our Day 2 for South Batan tour, but we were advised to take the Sabtang instead so we can take advantage of the good weather.

We left Marfel’s Lodge early because we wanted to take the first trip to Sabtang, and the port was about 30-45 minutes away from Basco town proper. I remember that we were so groggy that day because of the night before! It was our first night in Batanes and we were awakened at around 2-3 AM because of the notifications coming in to our phones! The excitement on our faces was indescribable! Imagine being deprived of mobile data the entire day and you can’t even share a single story on Instagram. LOL. So millennial. πŸ˜€

Here comes Sabtang! We looked for our tour guide as soon as the boat docked. We left immediately and guess what? Our trip started off with an accident! Leaving the port, every tricycle will pass by a steep uphill and if the vehicle didn’t have the right momentum, like in our case, then an accident can’t be avoided! Well, it can be — if the trike had tight brakes! Unfortunately, the brakes weren’t good enough to hold the entire vehicle down and so it moved all the way back in reverse, hit a big rock and flipped with us on it. It all happened so quick like a snap. All eyes were on us! People helped us get out of the vehicle. We had bruises and superficial wounds, but those did not stop us because the show must go on! LOL. We still had the tour with the same trike and same driver. He was sorry and that was good enough. We didn’t want to ruin the mood because it was supposed to be an amazing day! And thank goodness, it ended up a really good one! ❀

Since we did not plan on spending the entire day in Sabtang, we were not able to visit all the tourist attractions in the island. Our first destination was the Morong Beach. It isn’t usually the first destination for the Sabtang tour, but the tourist guide had to re-organise which ones to visit first so we can maximise the entire morning. The beach is always a good idea, and I think it was a good diversion for us because we haven’t really gotten over the accident. LOL.

Getting around Sabtang, even in other parts of the islands of Batanes, there will always be upward and downward slopes. We got really stressed from the accident so whenever the vehicle is going to tackle a narrow uphill road, we can’t help but to really cross our fingers and hope we get to the place safe and sound. I’m happy to say that we were able to complete the trip without further damage. LOL! πŸ˜€

As we visit different attractions, I realised a thing or two. One is to never let what bothers you keep you from enjoying and appreciating theΒ NOW. We felt pain, but we also felt pure bliss. Second is to just let go, because we should never be kept trapped in a moment that already happened and that did no good. Let’s always leave room for positivity! LOL. I love it when my mind wonders while I’m actually wandering. πŸ˜›

We ended our Sabtang trip at this beautiful place where we had lunch. I can’t recall what it’s called, but it’s where the guides usually bring the tourists. We had no idea about the place to be honest. We were just offered to have lunch at this place for Php 300 per head. Little did we know, we were in paradise eating delicious home-cooked food by the Ivatans. If we only had more time, I would’ve gone down to the beach and relaxed. I’ve been a resident in the Philippines since birth, but I still can’t believe places like this exist! Heaven!

We left the island of Sabtang after lunch, and our day wasn’t about to end just yet. Since we were in the South, we also decided to go to the Fountain of Youth or what is locally known as the Rakuh-a-idi Spring. Batanes is full of surprises and I still quite don’t know why I haven’t gotten used to it. The Fountain of Youth is 15-20 minutes drive away from the port, and 15-20 minutes trek away from the drop off. You’ll get a good sweat, but there’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the Rakuh-a-idi Spring with the best view!

If you will be spending more days in Batanes, then I suggest you book an overnight stay in Sabtang so you can see every single attraction the island has to offer. Half-day tour wasn’t enough, but at least there’s a reason for us to come back! I will definitely go back in Batanes, but not anytime soon — probably after I have visited all the places in the Philippines that are still on my bucket list! πŸ™‚

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