Five Fingers & Laki Beach

Looking back at the moments that make up my 2017 I must say that it was, indeed, another eventful year for me. Not just for me, but for my family and everyone else and that’s for sure. Good times and bad times, no matter what happened we all deserve to congratulate ourselves for making it, yet again, to the finish line of this roller coaster life we are all riding in this year. And before this year actually goes to an end, the beach bum inside me wanted to take one last trip to seal 2017 the best way possible. And as much as I love winter season outside the country, truth be told that it’s always summer in my heart.

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Ilocos Norte & Sur

Wanna know where I spent the recent Labor Day long weekend? Well, you might think that I have spent the holiday in LaBoracay but hey, it’s already stated on the title. LOL. But seriously, I’m the beach type of person yet I haven’t considered going to Boracay on Labor Day. I’m just quite unsure if I will be able to enjoy my vacation with that kind of crowd. I know it’s obviously fun but, there are holidays where you just want to be laid back and Labor Day 2017 is one of those.

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Inflatable Island | Xtremely Xpresso

Another weekend eatscape! So happy that me and my HS bffs were able to squeeze this trip into our busy schedules. You guys have no idea how hard it is to plan out some stuff with those lunatics. Most of us are working, one is taking law and another one is taking dentistry. But I must admit that am the one with the pretty insane schedule! I typically plot every event and future plans on my planner and it’s normal for me to have already planned my whole year even though we’re still on the second quarter of the year. So, good luck! LOL

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La Union | Gapuz Grapes Farm

Dry season has started in the Philippines and with that, have you already made up your mind where to escape from the scorching heat of the warmest season of the year? Well, I have few in mind and Elyu made it on the list. I’ll never get tired of driving back to the surfing capital of the north and going on a foodtrip in Urbiztondo. Well, definitely not anytime soon. 🙂

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